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Frontliners lets you schedule, time, train, communicate and measure your employees simply in one platform.

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Shift planning must be effective and ensure that you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Our scheduling gives you smart functions, to save time and money on a busy day.

Employee training

When your employees are at work, they need to have the right conditions to do well. That’s why regular training before their next shift is a great idea, so they’re ready to perform well – every time!

Employee performance measurement

Ongoing measurements of your employees’ performance are essential for your business. It gives you knowledge about where there is room for improvement, so you can provide relevant training to your employees prior to their upcoming shift.

Profile match

Get more certainty in your new hires. Use your current employee profiles to compare and predict which applicants will contribute most positively to your business.

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Simple scheduling and smart features for you as a manager

Everything always available for your employees

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Record working time accurately with punch clock screen function

When arriving at work, your employees can easily clock in either on a computer or tablet via our punch clock screen. And if there are deviations, they can also record this. The function is also available for your employees to punch in and out on their own phones if you allow them to.

Cut, copy and paste

With templates and cut and copy features, you can make it easy to create more of what works. And if you do need to adjust, it’s easy to edit and publish your corrections instantly.

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Let employees see what a shift pays

Give your employees insight and an overview of how much they earn.

Highlight shifts with special events

Concert, comedy night, big screen football, wedding or corporate event…

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"A platform that works absolutely amazing and fits our restaurant perfectly. Incredibly high service when it's needed."

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