A strong founding team

CEO Danny Fabricius Fogel and CTO Jeannette Hansen make up Frontliner’s founding team.

Danny is founder and director of Frontliners and has a solid experience as a contractor. In 2001, he started Conzern, an IT consultancy selling software to small and medium-sized enterprises, and sold the company to Norriq in 2007. Danny then started the successful event and in-store agency Promoters. In parallel, Danny has helped open two retail outlets, lifestyle store Leah Maria and Charlottenlund Pet Store, and has been involved in further start-ups, including. Cleady, Heartbeats.dk and Gottlieb & Co.

Jeannette is the CTO and co-founding partner of Frontliners, and originally trained as an IT assistant in 1991. Jeannette has been a partner and co-owner of the development house Front Avenue for 17 years. Here she developed software and managed development projects, including in their Indian division. Jeannette has previously developed SaaS solutions for course management, which are used by both public and private customers.

The idea behind Frontliners

For Danny Fabricius Fogel, it wasn’t enough for his employees to show up on duty. They also had to do their best while they were at it – every single time.

Danny has run successful event and in-store marketing agencies for many years, and has also helped open two retail outlets. Here, he saw first-hand how important good customer service and employee commitment were in the direct encounter with customers.

But how do you formalise good employee performance so that it works in everyday workflows? And that when you work directly with customers in either a shop, café or restaurant?

In 2017, sales experience, industry insights and a fundamental vision to set high standards of customer service led to the founding of the digital platform, Frontliners. Go Solo wrote a feature on this, which you can read right here.

An all-in-one employee platform that combines employee management optimisation with a focus on continuous improvement of employee performance.

The way there is based on data and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Here, data is fed continuously into a cycle that can optimise employee performance, and ultimately our customers’ bottom line.

Make good employees better

Our mission is to help our customers ensure a consistently high level of service from their employees every day. Because good service means happy customers and good customer experiences, and that’s reflected in the bottom line. We will create synergies between day-to-day planning and continuous staff development by bringing this together in a digital platform that, in a continuous cycle, will enhance the ability of staff to perform at their best.

We work on optimising and automating administrative planning processes to free up time. We combine this with data-driven development, training and employee performance measurement to boost performance and drive better results.

All with the overall goal that every employee on duty is an important piece in creating optimal customer experiences that can be felt positively on the bottom line.

Do you want to make good employees better too?

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