Save time and money with efficient Scheduling

Streamline everyday life with smart and time-saving features in an online Scheduling platform. A simple and straightforward format ensures you can quickly create and adjust rosters according to your employees’ availability, freeing up more time for other tasks.

Everything always available for both employees and managers

For the employees

All relevant information and knowledge for your employees in one place. See upcoming shifts, swap shifts, take an open shift, see who you’re on shift with or what you’ll be paid.

For the boss

Create shifts quickly and easily with templates and copy functions, publish with one click. Keep track of employee availability and easily make corrections on laptop, tablet or mobile.

Punch-clock screen

Let your employees record their working hours on a punch clock. This provides both visibility and much more accurate reporting of their working hours.

The shift planner is an important tool for both you and your employees.
It ensures you have the right people at work, in the right place, at the right time.
And that employees know when to be on duty.
With an online platform, the shifts are made available with a click, and any changes, shift swap requests or open shifts can be viewed by both you and your employees.
It provides an overview for everyone, and saves you both time and money in a busy day.

Laptop with schedule

Simple scheduling and smart features for you as a manager

Everything always available for your employees

mobiltelefon med vagtplanlægningsapp
Tablet med vagtplanlægningsværktøj

Record working time accurately with punch clock screen function

When arriving at work, your employees can easily clock in either on a computer or tablet via our punch clock screen. And if there are deviations, they can also record this. The function is also available for your employees to punch in and out on their own phones if you allow them to.

Cut, copy and paste

With templates and cut and copy features, you can make it easy to create more of what works. And if you do need to adjust, it’s easy to edit and publish your corrections instantly.

Laptop with schedule
Phone with schedule

Let employees see what a shift pays

Give your employees insight and an overview of how much they earn.

Highlight shifts with special events

Concert, comedy night, big screen football, wedding or corporate event…

Phone with schedule

Get started with your scheduling today

Try Frontliners free for 14 days and see how smart features can save you time on shift planning while allowing your employees to swap or bid for open shifts.

We’re ready to help, so sign up for your 14-day free trial today.

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