Employee training

Train and motivate your employees right up to their next shift

Focus on your employees’ skills and motivation on a daily basis. Make digital training in small, easily accessible videos, short texts or quizzes part of the preparation for an employee’s shift. Continuous training on relevant topics ensures that you always have people at work with the right skills to go the extra mile.

Laptop performance training

Get started quickly with employee training

At Frontliners, we’ve combined the roster function with a range of easy-to-use training texts, videos and quizzes. The close link to the duty roster aims to ensure that there is never a long gap between duty and training. So that all employees have the right conditions to deliver continuous good performance.

With regular training, there is a much greater chance of achieving and maintaining a high level of relevant product, procedural and sales skills in all your employees.

All existing texts, videos and quizzes can be provided to employees, across different functions and locations and can help build a more sales and service-oriented culture. It’s also easy to continually expand the training library with your own material.

Get started easily – once your employees are set up in the system, they can already start receiving the sales and service training already on the platform.

The most successful results come from good preparation.
Therefore, continuous employee training is an essential factor in increasing the value of your staff.

The right training for each of your employees

We use knowledge about your employees and their performance to select the best training for them.

Based on artificial intelligence, the platform selects the appropriate type of training and content, so your employees are in the best position to do a good job.

Use the platform to easily create and share new information digitally

Part of the training is conveyed verbally during a working day, and information sometimes has to be passed on or repeated to several employees in the company. Sharing this information digitally in the same format, with the same content and to all relevant staff can save both time and minimise the chance of miscommunication.

Easily create videos with your mobile phone when you have new information and procedures, and make it available to relevant staff instantly on the platform.

Let your employees learn from each other through videos created by selected employees with guidelines, tips and tricks or best practices.

Make onboarding new employees easier by having a script of small relevant videos on everything from culture to product and process training.

En laptop med medarbejdertræning app

Create training elements with video, text or quizzes

The platform allows you to offer your employees relevant knowledge in small digital formats, made available to them in time for an upcoming shift. This helps to ensure focus and that employees have the right conditions to perform well.

The majority of staff currently using the platform log on to the system regularly to see when they are next on duty, who they are on duty with, or perhaps to see if there are any open shifts. This automatically reminds them that they have trainings to take.

Link to and share videos directly from YouTube or Vimeo

Not everything you need to do yourself. Maybe the training or knowledge you want to show your employees is already on YouTube.

Create a quick video with a link and make everyday life easier for yourself and your employees.

Laptop performance training

Get motivated people with the right skills on duty, every time.

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