Behind every talent is measurable performance

So what are you waiting for? Welcome to Frontliners – we combine measurable data with human qualities. Why? Because we believe that better shopping experiences can create better sales figures for your business to thrive.

Recruit, measure, train and motivate

Forget about slow onboarding processes and inefficient annual sales training seminars. Start boosting your sales in three simple steps: Recruit the right people for your business, measure their performance and train and motivate them to improve their talent.

Hire smart

Why not use your existing talents to create future ones? Based on your current staff’s performance we can help predict the profiles that will boost your sales in the future.

Your business is an abundance of data – use it!

With Frontliners you get the complete overview of your employees’ performance and the tools to measure it. We use artificial intelligence to connect your employees and their sales figures and render their individual performance measurable.

Improved sales is driven by talent

… and talent is driven by training. How do you train and motivate your employees? At Frontliners we create bespoke training solutions for your staff to improve their talent and boost your business.

Translate great shopping experiences into great sales by measuring your experiences

Companies using Frontliners

Get inspired

Want to know more about Frontliners and the challenges and success stories in the retail and hospitality industry? Get inspired by stories from the real world.
Forget the danger of E-commerce and focus on the amazing staff

Today everyone is talking about how e-commerce is killing retail. News flash: It’s not. Bad retail strategies does!

How to train and motivate front-line staff

5 things to consider when training front-line staff to be the best.

How to hire the best possible front-line staff

The staff that make us wonder just how someone could be that great. We end up thinking, if every front-line staff was like this, it would be a much better world.

Great experiences matter

With Frontliners we’ve launched a journey towards better shopping experiences. We want to get rid of the poor level of service that sometimes tends to characterize the retail and hospitality industry.  We believe that great shopping experiences and great turnovers are part of the same solution. Our foundation is to create a movement through Workforce Management – a movement towards making amazing customer service a natural part of – well, customer service.