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You want to improve your employees’ performance, but you don’t have the time. Customer satisfaction drops.

Frontliners lets you schedule, time, train, communicate and measure your employees simply in one unified platform.

Simple. Get better reviews, more customers, and higher revenue.

No credit card needed.

Put shift planning and great employee performance on autopilot


Shift planning must be effective and ensure that you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Our scheduling gives you smart functions, to save time and money on a busy day.

Employee training

When your employees are at work, they need to have the right conditions to do well. Therefore, regular training up to their upcoming shift is a really good idea, so they are ready to make a good effort – every time!

Employee performance measurement

Regular measurements of your employees’ performance are essential for your business. It gives you knowledge of where there is room for improvement, so you can start with relevant training for your employees up to the next shift.

Profile match

Get more certainty in your new hires. Use your current employee profiles to compare and predict which applicants will contribute most positively to your business.

Your path to more time in everyday life

We have put together an all-in-one platform that gives you an overall
overview of everyday life in one user-friendly online app.

Efficient scheduling
Accurate recruitment
Relevant employee training
Communication gathered in one place
Knowledge of employee performance
Integrate with POS and payroll systems
Employment contracts
Personnel handbook

Frontliner's messenger app

Does your communication drown on various social platforms?

It can be difficult to figure out where and when you have communicated with an employee – was it face to face, via email, or in messenger? And what did you agree on?

That problem is solved with the Frontliners messenger app.

You will be able to communicate with employees, and they can communicate internally so nothing gets lost in private conversations, and you will not get various excuses about why appointments and shifts are forgotten.

Work smarter not harder

Manual processes. Several different apps. Communication with employees on several platforms. Obsolete systems and yellow patches on the desk. It swallows way too much time! And it is not necessary.

That’s why we’ve created Frontliners all – in – one platform, which brings together the daily handling and saves you valuable time and money. Get started today and put your processes on autopilot by clicking here.

Frontliners punch-clock

Do you also find that your employees forget to check in or -out when they come and go? Or maybe you spend a lot of time changing shifts when they decide to switch, or changing their times when they arrive or leave earlier than planned?

With Frontliner’s punch clock, you leave it to the employees. All you have to do is approve their changes – unless you have chosen that they can change freely without your permission.

It does not get any easier!

Choose a Frontliners plan

We have put together an all-in-one platform – but not everyone needs everything. Choose the plan that suits exactly your needs below.

All-in-one employee platform

Get the whole Frontliners experience with everything you need in shift planning, communication, training and performance.


pr. employee per month*


Everything you need to schedule shifts, register time, and pay the correct salary.


pr. employee per month*


Everything you need to communicate in the company and ensure that everyone has the information they need.


pr. employee per month*


Everything you need to train employees and improve your company’s performance.


pr. employee per month*


Everything you need to measure and improve your company’s performance.


pr. employee per month*

* The total minimum price regardless of which package and combination you choose is USD 29, – per location per month. We invoice at the end of each month according to usage. We accept most credit cards and do not charge a fee.

How do Frontliners compare with other shift planners?

At Frontliners companies can gain a deeper insight into how their business is performing and give their employees the necessary tools to optimize their workflow with an all-in-one platform at a competitive price point.


Shift Planning

Time Registration

Employee Performance

Profile Match

Employee Training

Procedural Training

Messenger App

Shift Planners


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Integrate your apps easily!

Optimize your business by Integrating data directly from Frontliners
by connecting to the other systems such as payroll, POS and others.


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