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You have big plans, but you’re drowning in administrative tasks. Your company’s sales and customer satisfaction drop.

Frontliners lets you schedule, time, train, communicate and measure your employees simply in one platform.

Get better reviews and higher sales.

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All-in-one platform that gives you an overview of your everyday life – all in one easy-to-use online app.

Efficient scheduling
Accurate recruitment
Relevant employee training
Communication gathered in one place
Knowledge of employee performance
Integrate with POS and payroll systems
Employment contracts
Personnel handbook
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No more getting lost in private conversations

Does your communication drown on various social platforms?

It can be difficult to figure out where and when you have communicated with an employee – was it face to face, via email, or in messenger? And what did you agree on?

Frontliner’s own messenger app solves that problem.

You will be able to communicate with employees, and they can communicate internally so nothing gets lost in private conversations, and you will not get various excuses about why appointments and shifts are forgotten.

Time registration
made easy.

Do you also find that your employees forget to check in or -out when they come and go? Or maybe you spend a lot of time changing shifts when they decide to switch, or changing their times when they arrive or leave earlier than planned?

With Frontliner’s online punch clock, you leave all time recording and clocking in to the employees themselves. All you have to do is approve their changes – unless you have chosen that they can change freely without your permission.

It does not get any easier!

Bring your employees together in one platform

Let your employees focus on their work, instead of navigating between platforms to see their shifts, read messages, get an overview of their pay, etc.


Get intelligent and automated features to save you time and money in your busy life. Scheduling needs to be efficient and ensure you have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place at the right time.


When your employees are at work, they need the right conditions to do well. That’s why regular training for employees before their next shift is a great idea, so they’re ready to perform well – every time!


Find out where there is room for improvement so you can provide relevant training for your employees perfectly timed for the next shift. Regularly measuring your employees’ performance is great for your business. 


Get more certain about your new hires. Use your current employees’ profiles to compare and predict which candidates will contribute most positively to your business.

Save time with integrations!

Easily optimise your business by integrating data directly from Frontliners by connecting to your other systems e.g. payroll systems, POS systems etc.

How Frontliners differs from other scheduling systems

At Frontliners, your company can gain insight into how your employees are performing. And employees get the tools they need to optimise workflow with an all-in-one employee management platform

Features Frontliners Other
Time registration
Employee performance measurement
Profile match
Employee training
Procedural training
Messenger App

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"A platform that works absolutely amazing and fits our restaurant perfectly. Incredibly high service when it's needed."

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