Employee performance measurement

Get an overview of which of your employees have the biggest impact on turnover.

A monthly employee score provides increased knowledge about your employees’ performance. The Frontliners platform automatically uses this knowledge as feedback to improve your employees with relevant training right up to their next shift.

Measure your employees' performance

Why measure performance

To optimize your business and create the best financial result! Motivated and committed employees are a prerequisite for success. You’ll get an overview of the month’s top scorers, giving you a better basis for decision-making as a manager.

How is performance measured?

By continuously collecting and following up on the available knowledge about your employees’ impact on your company’s performance. One relevant metric is your company’s turnover, which is automatically fed into the platform via an integration with your POS system.

How often to measure?

The system automatically collects data on a daily basis for all the employees you have on duty. This data is collated into a monthly measurement that shows your employees’ performance against each other. Over time, you can see the development of each employee.

What do I need measurements for?

Use the results as a temperature gauge and as a tool to give feedback to your employees. Feedback in the form of additional training in their area of work responsibility, which can help them develop in a positive direction.

Put performance in focus

Employee performance measurement should be part of a continuous cycle, with the results providing input on where to focus new learning and training.

It is the continuous cycle between measurement and training that ensures your employees are best equipped and motivated to do well on their shift, every time they are at work

Performance is created by the whole team working together

The Frontliners platform measures all your employees who are at work. Both those who have a direct and indirect impact on turnover. That is, in a restaurant or café situation, everything from waiters and bartenders to cooks and busboys.

In this way, the measurement becomes the result of a team effort. All employees are measured equally in terms of. the turnover on the given day and the given period.

Over time, this will give you important knowledge about team composition that you can use in your daily shift planning.

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Recognise by showing the top scorers of the month

Each measurement gives access to a list of your employees’ performance from top to bottom.

You can choose to publish the top 20% on the platform so that it is visible to all employees

The score goes from 0-100, and is distributed among your active employees in the given month.

The system takes fluctuations into account

When measuring performance based on your company’s turnover, factors that allow measurement across different days, periods and special events need to be taken into account.

Frontliner’s employee measurement uses algorithms to account for seasonal fluctuations, as well as days of the week and periods of high and low fluctuation. 

It also excludes fluctuations that are so large that they cannot be expected to be driven by employee performance – such as special events or customers making a very large purchase.

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