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How to hire the right people

Knowledge of employee characteristics gives a greater understanding of which types of employees suit you best. With Profile Match, you can use the profiles of your current employees to compare and predict which applicants will contribute most positively to your business.

How do you hire the right people for the job?

Most often, it will be obvious to hire the person who is best qualified for the job. Many people know the experience of, afterwards, standing with the employee, who on paper made a good match, but who in the real world did not deliver the product in the form of the right attitude and approach to the job.

With a profile match, we try to dress you to hit right with your hires by taking as a starting point the crater features that characterize your existing good employees.

Do you work within e.g. restaurant or retail, then your employees are probably a mix of permanent and hourly paid. This can result in a high employee turnover, and thereby also an extra large need to employ employees with the right attitude and competencies, which can get off to a good start.

Get to know your applicants through five questions

As part of the hiring process, you can easily send a link with five questions to the applicants’ personal characteristics, which they must tick off before the interview.

Hereby you supplement a classic CV and application with a personal profile to get a good picture of your applicants before an interview.

By letting your employees and at least five people in their circle fill in a personal profile, you have an overview in advance of which types work well in your business.

If there are characteristics that you know work better than others in a particular groove, you can use this as another criterion in your selection.

Get better job interviews with Profile Match

Get a better basis for the job interview by supplementing the CV and qualifications with a focus on the applicant’s personal profile. Let the applicant supplement the results of the profile with his or her own words, and gain deeper insight into the person in front of you.

Get an overview of which profiles suit you best

With a library of profiles of your employees, you can get a more nuanced picture of what works for you.

Compare your employees across their profiles and see if a pattern emerges.

Compare profiles divided into roles and see if a picture of important characteristics emerges.

Use this when you next need to hire for a specific role.

Get started with Frontliners today and get to know your employees even better

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