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We've put together an all-in-one platform, but not everyone needs everything. Choose the package that suits your needs.


Everything you need to easily create schedules, register shift times with punch-clock and prepare data for your payroll platform. You also get an excellent financial overview.


USD per month incl. 9 employees



USD per additional employee per month


In addition to scheduling, you’ll get everything you need to communicate across the business and ensure everyone has the information they need. And you don’t have to worry about private Whatsapp groups anymore.


USD per month incl. 9 employees



USD per additional employee per month

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In addition to scheduling and communication, you get everything you need to train and improve your employees’ performance.


USD per month incl. 9 employees



USD per additional employee per month


In addition to scheduling, communication, and training, you’ll get everything you need to measure and improve your business performance.


USD per month incl. 9 employees



USD per additional employee per month

Pricing examples

USD per month

All-in-One Scheduling
9 employees 24.99
10 employees 28.98
20 employees 68.88
200 employees 787.08
All-in-One Communication
9 employees 24.99
10 employees 30.98
20 employees 90.88
200 employees 1,169.08
All-in-One Training
9 employees 24.99
10 employees 32.98
20 employees 112.88
200 employees 1,551.08
All-in-One Performance
9 employees 24.99
10 employees 36.98
20 employees 156.88
200 employees 2,315.08

We help you get onboardet

Get a tailored onboarding, where we run a series of workshops to ensure your users get off to a good start. We will create a tailor-made timetable for your company consisting of the following points.

  • Setting up integration to your POS.
  • Import of employee data.
  • Workshop with basic set-up of salary periods, system settings, sections, additional roles, salary groups, integration to your payroll system, etc.
  • Workshop with an overall demo for managers, so they see the complete platform including how employees’ access looks like, what punch-clock looks like and what their own access looks like. We end the workshop with the creation of schedule templates.
  • Workshop demoing the communication part, including creating the first postings on the bulletin board, creating tasks for staff, and reviewing Frontliners Messenger. Creation of training elements. How to document procedures in everyday life and save them in Frontliners so that everyone can benefit from them in the future.
  • Employees are invited into the platform to view their shifts from the start of the next salary period.
  • Employee workshop to help them install the Frontliners App and Frontliners Messenger app. Review of the features of both apps and demonstration of how the punch-clock screen works. We are also happy to schedule it in the evening hours, if that suits you best.
  • First salary period starts in Frontliners.
  • Demo of salary approval procedure (closure of days) for managers.
  • Follow-up on payroll approval and preparation of payroll. Test run of transferring salary hours from Frontliners to your payroll system.
  • We’ll be online when you do your first payroll based on Frontliners data.

USD 24.99 per employee*

*The number of employees in a company is often a great indication of how comprehensive an onboarding process is. That’s why we have chosen to base the price on this. It is not the number of participating employees, but the total number of employees in the company or department of the company that will use Frontliners. This is a one-off payment invoiced at the start of the onboarding process.

Frequently asked questions

We offer all new customers a 14-day free trial from the day they sign up to Frontliners. During this trial period, you have unlimited opportunity to get started using the various features and have access to our support for questions and assistance.

When 11 days have passed, we’ll write to remind you that the trial period is about to expire. After 14 days, we’ll ask you to enter payment details, and from there we’ll start tallying up how many employees you’ve set up as active. After another month, you will receive an invoice for the number of active employees in the previous month. If we receive a cancellation from you or payment details are not entered, your access will be shut down again and you will not be charged.

With us, you only pay for what you use, and only when you’ve used it.

The monthly subscription starts at USD 24.99 per month for up to nine employees, and then it depends on which package you choose, where we start at USD 3.99 per employee per month if you only need scheduling and up to USD 11.99 per employee per month if you want to have everything included.

You only commit to one month at a time. For example, if subscriptions start on the 5th in a month and runs until the 4th of the following month, you can cancel the subscription at any time and the first time it is the 4th of a month, the subscription stops. You will then receive the final invoice from us.

We accept most types of payment cards, so you simply enter the payment details into our platform and your subscription will be paid automatically until you cancel it.

In the app, you’ll find a subscription area where you can view company details, invoices, payment details, and subscription status. This is where you can cancel your subscription at any time until the end of a monthly period with a click. You can also call or write to our support, so we can help you cancel your subscription.

In Frontliners, you can deactivate employees during periods when they are not needed. For each monthly payment, only the active number of employees will be charged for.

We also don’t count applicants and previous applicants as active, so you can set up applicants in our system and get to know them better before choosing who to hire, without getting charged for it.

Frontliners is a progressive web application. This means that it is an app that does not need to be installed, but can be added directly to a home screen. It works through a browser but behaves like an installed app. So everyone can use it, no matter what computer, tablet, or smartphone they have.

You need to start by logging in to via a browser. On your Android phone, you’ll be prompted to install the app the first time you log in, and on your iPhone, you’ll need to select “add to home screen” to have the app available alongside all your other apps.

Don’t forget to download Frontliners Messenger, available in the Appstore and Google Play store.

Yes, Frontliners are built with APIs that allow integration with other systems. You can read more about who we have already integrated with here. If you think someone is missing from the list, please send an email to [email protected].

Once logged into Frontliners you can find support via our chat function, a support phone number, a support email address, as well as a helpdesk area. We make every effort to respond to all inquiries immediately.

Chat: once you’re logged in, you can write to us in chat and we’ll almost always reply straight away.

Telephone: our telephone support is open every day from 08.00-20.00

Mail: you can write to us 24 hours a day and we’ll reply as soon as we can. It usually takes less than an hour to receive a reply.

Helpdesk: Our helpdesk is open 24 hours a day with tips and tricks, video guides, and more to help you get started right away.

The languages available in the app are Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian. If you think a language is missing, please email [email protected].

Not sure which package to choose?

Let’s run through the platform together so you can see the different features and assess which ones are right for your business.

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