1,000 great reasons

to choose Frontliners

At Frontliners, there are no hidden set-up fees or long notice periods.
And of course, you only pay for the exact number of employees who are set up with log-in. Our goal is the same, whether you are small or large: you must be able to create the best results!
That’s why we do not discriminate between our customers; so of course everyone has access to all the features of the platform.

Starter pack

Up to 9 employees

USD 14.99 / month

You are a small, or perhaps start-up business. At Frontliners, we support entrepreneurship and small businesses, which is why the first nine employees only cost a total of USD 14.99 per month.


From the 10th employee

USD 5.99 / month / employee

You still only pay USD 14.99 per month for the first nine employees. For the 10th employee and above, the price is DKK 39 per employee per month.

*Payment is made at the end of the month according to consumption. We accept most debit cards and do not charge a fee.

Price example

How we calculate your price:

Up to 9th employee: 14.99 USD

10.-24. employee: 15 x 5.99 USD

Total per month: 14.99 USD + 89.85 USD = 104.84 USD

Staff Price per month
9 employees 99,-
10 employees 138,-
20 employees 528,-
200 employees 7548,-

* Monthly price is calculated based on the total number of employees declared as ‘active’ in the system.

Do you have questions about our prices?

If you have any questions about our prices or services, you are more than welcome to contact us at one of the following options:

We offer attractive low prices to all our customers without extra fees and long commitment

We are ready to help you, so create your 30 day free trial today.

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