Is reliability a must for great customer service experiences?

Danny Fabricius Fogel

Danny Fabricius Fogel

Mand der undre sig over afspæring

This morning I meet these closed gates at Frederiksberg Garden. The same thing happened four days ago. However, four days ago I entered the garden through another gate and saw that some work was being done and the gates had opened when I left the garden. . I was also there two days ago, and the gates were open, so I was surprised, to meet the closed gates Today. Today the gates stayed closed. So, in conclusion I must say that the gates haven’t been very reliable lately.

If you read this far you might want to send a “boohoo, get over it” in my direction. But why is this important?

It might not be for Frederiksberg Garden as there’s no real alternatives, but for business owners this can be make it or break it. How many times will a customer accept to meet an unexpected, closed gate before they decide to never come back? ? Or start to visit the competing business instead?

I meet closed gates (sometimes just metaphorically) on a regular basis. Closed due to illness, closed due to maintenance, closed due to team day, and so forth.

And all the above are great excuses, but it is still extremely damaging to the business. Reliability is crucial.

But what if you communicate it on Instagram, website, Facebook, Google, etc. for everyone to see it? Guess what…. Very few people will see it. Most people just rely on regular opening hours.

I’m not saying that it’s easy. It’s extremely hard to be reliable, but as a business, you must do your utmost to be it. Pst…it works great in your personal life as well.

That’s it. I would love to know your thoughts no matter if you agree or disagree.

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