How Café Korn manages their many employees in a busy workday

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Expanding the Café Korn chain with more locations requires both time and resources. And that leaves less of both for administrative tasks. HR Manager Cecilie Spanggaard recognizes this. Since its inception, Café Korn has expanded to 9 locations across the country, and with that comes more employees. Employees to be created, working hours to be registered and salaries to be paid. Here, the collaboration between Frontliners and ProLøn is a great advantage for Cecilie because it makes her work much easier.

A great collaboration from day 1
Multiple departments and multiple employees generate a lot of data. There’s no getting around it. And with a lot of data comes the occasional human error. But with ProLøn and Frontliners behind her, Cecilie is not worried: “If I have experienced an error, I have always been completely calm because I know that Frontliners and ProLøn will take care of it together”.

The fact that ProLøn and Frontliners work closely together has been a great reassurance for Cecilie. And according to Cecilie, this has been the case from the very beginning: “From day one, ProLøn and Frontliners seem to have been really open and solution-oriented in terms of the systems working together in the best possible way,” says Cecilie, who adds: “It’s really nice to have someone else to take over if I need it.”

Easy to see through data
From Café Korn’s side of the table, the daily work has become easier. And that’s mainly because the features of Frontliners’ and ProLøn’s systems complement each other. According to Cecilie, this is a great advantage for daily administrative tasks: “When I do my payroll per department in Frontliners, it just transfers directly to ProLøn when I tell it to”.

This means she has an overview and control over data that easily flows between systems. A big advantage at Café Korn: “It just works, and it’s because Frontliners and ProLøn talk to each other that I can so clearly see what the possible errors are” – Cecilie Spanggaard, HR Manager, Café Korn

A service that doesn’t miss a thing
Cecilie is not trained in finance and HR. From the start, it has been “learn by doing”. This also means that she may have had more questions than average. But it’s never been a problem: “Sometimes I’ve had to tell ProLøn’s customer service that I need an explanation a couple of times. Fortunately, they’re really nice about it – both on the phone and in chat”, says Cecilie.

The same goes for Frontliners, who she has nothing but praise for: “We have a very close relationship with Frontliners. I’ve spoken to them very often, and their customer service is second to none,” says Cecilie, who concludes: “I’m really happy to be a customer of both Frontliners and ProLøn. It gives me peace of mind that the collaboration is running smoothly”.

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