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In today’s blog post, it will be about serving small chunks of more flexible employee training that increases the effect. So-called ‘learning nuggets’.

Employee training
Learning nuggets are small manageable learning elements with good effect

The cool thing about these little mouth-watering bits of learning is that they are focused, manageable, and available on platforms where we can engage with them whenever we want. The type of small learning elements can e.g. be made as videos, quizzes, animations, infographics or smaller texts. There is evidence that learning in small chunks has a greater tendency to stimulate long-term memory, and thus become more firmly established.

Ultimately, it’s about making it easier for your employees to learn and train. Ie. make formats available, which make it possible to acquire knowledge in short intervals, where and when it suits the employee.

Increase flexibility with available employee training on mobile

Training on digital devices, such as mobile phones, must be able to both supplement and replace some of what takes place today on the physical bulletin board, on traditional sales courses, and in the oral handover between manager and employee. On the mobile, employee training can take place wherever they are. Whether it is in the bus on the way to work, on the couch or another time when there is some time to spare.

Whether you create training elements yourself, get them delivered from partners or use links from material that already exists on the Internet, it is important to think about keeping time consumption and scope short.

Make both sales, product and procedure training digitally

There are virtually no restrictions on what can be created and communicated as small chunks of training elements. It could be a short self-produced procedure video for setting up a display, or the specific table setting in the restaurant. Dissemination of the employee handbook in divided elements. Product training of a new product range with text and video material sent from the supplier or a review of a new menu card. Relevant and appropriate would also be to present sales training techniques in video sequences, possibly. followed by a quiz. There are many benefits to small digital learning elements for both your employees and the company.

Advantages for the employee

  1. Flexible use and availability
  2. Fun and more exciting learning experience
  3. Easier accessibility and easier to remember
  4. Less time consuming

Advantages for the company

  1. Time saving
  2. Cost effective
  3. Easy to update and expand
  4. Individualized training as needed
  5. Automation of training sessions
  6. Align messages across locations or roles
  7. Grasping and maintaining attention of recipient
  8. Can be linked to performance
  9. Fast onboarding in industries with high employee turnover

We could probably write more points on the lists of benefits, and it is probably clear that we at Frontliners are a fan of the flexible digital learning to increase the effect of training and increase employee motivation. Therefore, our advice is also for you, just to get started. It does not take long to produce elements from your everyday life that would be beneficial to have made visible or perhaps unidirectional across locations. Bring out your mobile phone yourself or have your employees demonstrate. Also, do not be afraid to use other people’s material if it already exists. YouTube is full of ‘how to’ guides, and that probably applies to your industry as well. Link to these or let yourself be inspired to produce yourself. Enjoy.

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