Terms & Conditions

Last updated 6th of October 2020

1. General
1.1 Frontliners develops and offers workforce management which includes all the activities that is necessary to ensure that the company has the most effective employers.

1.2 The service is owned by Frontliners ApS, a danish company with registered address at Hollændervej 28, 1855 Frederiksberg C, Denmark and registered in the Danish Trade Register with CVR 38 86 53 66 and e-mail address: [email protected]

2. Use
2.1. By ordering the service, the customer accepts the terms and conditions which will apply to the use of the service for the full length of the subscription.

3. Intellectual property rights
3.1. The customer has the full and complete ownership, copyright and intellectual property rights to all content created with and uploaded to the service by the customer.

3.2. Frontliners has the full ownership, copyright and any other intellectual property rights to the service and all uploaded content, including templates, standard content, code, graphic design and ideas of the software platform. These rights are protected by the Copyright Act and by international conventions of intellectual property rights and may not be copied, reproduced or distributed except for the uses authorized by Frontliners.

4. Subscription
4.1. All subscription payments at Frontliners are made with payment cards offered by Visa (including Visa/Dankort) and Mastercard.

4.2. Fee related to the card payment is included in the product price.

4.3. The customer pays according to consumption per month.

4.4. The customer’s first 9 users are free, after which the price is DKK 39 per user.

5. Termination of the subscription
5.1. The costumer can terminate the subscription without further notice, to the expiration of the end of a subscription period.

5.2. Upon termination of the subscription, Frontliners shall delete all personal data that is unique to the customers’ accounts but can keep anonymized aggregated data for optimization analytics and benchmarking purposes.

6. Abuse
6.1. Frontliners reserves the right to close the customer’s access to Frontliners’ system if there is reason to believe that the product is being abused.

7. Support
7.1. Frontliners provides support to the customer’s users via telephone or email in Danish or English. Telephone support is available between 8.00 and 20.00 on weekdays (Monday to Friday), with response to any request within 24 hours on weekdays.

8. Customer Information
8.1. At the customer’s signature of a subscription, Frontliners will record relevant customer information, including name, company registration number, address, phone number and e-mail in the Frontliners’ customer database. Frontliners’ processing of such data will be in accordance with GPDR and applicable rules.

8.2. The customer is obligated to notify Frontliners’ of changes to the abovementioned information.

8.3. Frontliners shall not use the information obtained by the customer, its users and recipients for other matters than for providing the service to the customer and its users and the recipients the customers communicate with.

8.4. Frontliners allowed to use aggregated statistics and usage data from the customers, users and recipients in an anonymized form for platform optimization, general analytics and benchmarking purposes.

8.5. It is each user’s responsability to protect the security of his or her login information. Each user is responsible for all activities and contents carried out or created using his or her login data.

8.6. The user must notify Frontliners immediately of any unauthorized use of his/her account.

9. Confidentiality
9.1. The customer shall keep the information on the individually agreed terms and prices confidential.

9.2. Frontliners shall keep customer data and information and all not generally known information about the customer confidential. This obligation applies to Frontliners’ employees, subcontractors and external consultants who assist Frontliners in delivering the Subscription.

9.3. The confidentiality obligation for both the customer and Frontliners also applies after termination of the subscription.

10. Marketing
10.1. Frontliners has the right to use the customer as a reference, to use the customer's logo on the Frontline website and in marketing materials, and to issue press releases on the customer's purchase of the Subscription.

11. Content and usage restrictions
11.1. Frontliners does not accept any responsibility for improper use of contents in the service by users.

11.2. It is strictly prohibited to:
11.2.1. Use the service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose
11.2.3. Collect, upload, publish, send or transmit any information, material or other content that is illegal, threatening or libelous.
11.2.4. Collect, upload, publish, send or transmit pornographic material.
11.2.5. Collect, upload, publish, send or transmit any information, material or other content that violates the rights