What you get

Frontliners improves staff performance and helps you maximize your business potential and improve sales. We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze content, timing and staff personality to discover what truly works. As your Frontliners becomes smarter, so does your business.


Frontliners monitors monthly staff performance in combination with staff profiling. Making you able to match candidate profiles with best performing staff profiles. The Frontliners system predicts how each potential candidate is estimated to perform. Minimizing future risks of hiring someone, who is not a good fit for your business.

Train and motivate

You will always be able to see a performance overview to see how each individual staff member is performing. We will calculate who has the highest influence on the performance of your business. Frontliners utilises machine learning and artificial intelligence to recognise which profiles, training and motivational elements have the highest impact on staff performance.

Improve your sales

Frontliners knows how your staff perform and what type of personality they have and is able to match them with candidate profiles. We predicts how each candidate will perform if you choose to hire them. You never have to risk hiring someone who is not a good fit for your business.

Are you a startup?

We love startups in service, hospitality and leisure. If you are a startup your prices start from 99 DKK per month.

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We helps you utillize the potential within your business and build the strongest team to help you keep moving forward.