You fail when you measure staff performance like this

I’ve been interviewing a lot of retailers recently. When I ask how they measure staff performance, the most common answer is that the staff should register their name or employee ID in the cash register before registering a sale. In my opinion, that doesn’t show staff performance at all. It shows who registers a sale in the cash register and nothing more than that. The laziest employees can just hang around the cash register, having a personal talk with a friend or colleague (or even just looking at their smartphone), just waiting for a customer to arrive at the desk. That doesn’t mean they are a great performing employee.


The employees taking initiative – making the store look beautiful, clean, functioning, smiling and welcoming customers as they arrive – have a more positive influence on the store performance than the passive employee hanging out around the cash register.


There are so many things to consider when measuring staff performance. We can learn from online marketing and sales departments, who have changed their measuring tools from just measuring the last link, to measuring all the influence points that lead to a sale.


Using technology, we can do the same thing in stores, cafés, restaurants and all other places that depend on customers.  You will be surprised!


We have tested the technology with a few retailers already and every one of them has a few surprises. They found out that people they hadn’t paid attention to (due to their lack of time at the register) turned out to be having a larger influence on the overall store performance than the people they thought were their top performers.


If you want to see for yourself, we are ready to show you. All we need is your store performance data per day and a work schedule.

Reach out to to hear more or arrange for a test.


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