How to hire the best possible front-line staff

I’ve been writing a lot about amazing front-line staff. The staff I’m writing about are the staff we remember. The staff that make us wonder just how someone could be that great. We end up thinking, if every front-line staff was like this, it would be a much better world. Everyone would walk around smiling all the time.

I hope you would want staff like this as well (if not read this), and if you do the right things to get it, that’s who you’ll get.

5 things to consider when trying to hire the best possible front-line staff

1. You need to know who you are hiring

When hiring someone for a front-line staff position, you need to know exactly who you are hiring. To do that, you should use a personality profiling tool regularly, as it will make it possible to compare the personality of new applicants to the personality of the staff members you already have or have had in your stores. If you want to be more than sure about who you are hiring, use a tool that doesn’t only base the personality profile on the applicant, but also on feedback from people in the applicant’s network. You will then have a 360-degree analysis of the person you are considering for the job.

2. You need to know who are the best performing front-line staff in your company

The reason you want to know who is performing best is to make sure those are the profiles you hire when hiring new staff or additional staff in the stores. And just to make this clear, it has the added benefit of letting you know who not to hire.

3. Make sure you measure staff performance correctly

If you do not measure this correctly, you will just hire staff that you think are the main influencers of the stores performance but are not. A lot of retailers measure staff performance by registering who is doing the final transaction on the cash register in the store. This number is useable, but it doesn’t consider the influence from everyone else in the store helping to improve sales. In a data driven world it is possible to include the above-mentioned considerations in a performance measurement, so you should do that.

4. Be aware of group dynamics

The right combination of personalities can skyrocket your sales. Sometimes people who take initiative of things that are not directly related to the sales have a serious impact on it. Who is the first one to fold clothes, clear the tables, do a demo etc., every time possible? People who combine these alternative skills with taking the initiative can do remarkable things in a team.

5. Use technology to automate the processes

We live in 2018, and technology can help us through the active use of big data in making data driven decisions, as described earlier. A lot of the processes mentioned above would take a tremendous amount of work just a few years ago, but now you will find tools that will automate these processes, so they can be done fast, smoothly and cost effectively.


When you have hired the best possible staff, you need to onboard, train and motivate them, which I will very soon also write a few ideas on how to do.

– Danny Fabricius Fogel, Great front-line staff is right here, Front-line staff ambassador


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