Why great front-line staff are most important

In these disruptive times its difficult for retailers to figure out what to do, to keep their customers and market share. It is very easy to be distracted and start putting out small fires while the foundation the success was build one is starting to disappear. And that thing is still the most important thing is, as always, the front-line staff.

The reason for that is that the three sales drivers for retail are still the same:

  1. Drive more visitors into the store
  2. Increase your average ticket
  3. Increase your conversion rate

The only influencer of all three things are the front-line staff

Front-line staff is influencing all three sales drivers

If you agree on below statements, you need to investigate your priorities and make sure your front-line staff is number one.

  1. If visitors get great service and a great experience in the store, they will return to the store again and again, while also sharing their positive experience – driving more visitors to the store.
  2. When people get a great service from front-line staff, they will take their advice and buy more, increasing the tickets.
  3. With proactive front-line staff, no one will leave the store without having talked about why they came in to the store, and what they are searching for. This will naturally increase the conversion rate.

I haven’t found anything as important as the front-line staff when it comes to driving sales in the stores, but if you read this and know better – please let me know.

– Danny Fabricius Fogel, Great front-line staff is right here, Front-line staff ambassador


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